DC's Blog

Hello! I am Digital Cheese. I am a professional 69420 year old who has way too much free time. I am the owner of this site and the Venith website also hosted on Neocities. I have done a decent number of things throughout meh life so far. I play video games, animate, create art, make music on my piano, program, make YouTube/Odysee videos, and more that I am probably missing. I am currently still learning HTML and CSS of course (they are pretty complicated as you already know but I am getting closer). I am a big fan of stuff like Flipnote Studio, weird web browsers, and more. I have made a page on my Wii U at one point so that is very funny.

I will likely have 100s of pages here. I have been redesigning both of the websites that I have. I will be putting the assets on GitHub so you can easily access it without going to sites that look like 2001 websites by random 8 year olds. If you have any criticism or have an idea for something I should put here, DM me on Discord, Revolt, or 3DSPaint. You can find the contact in the contact section or read below. I will drop a short version of the navigation here. If you want a full navigation thing, I will make a separate page for it.
There are so many pages on this site. What is kinda crazy is that I am still trying to improve the site and adding more pages. I will be trying to learn Javascript and maybe use it for stuff like spoiler boxes, custom themes, and more. It seems pretty fun honestly. I will also have a catalog of things like my favorite pieces of content that I have made.

Join my discord server called Da Official Digital Cheese Empire! It is very cool :D